What’s Behind the Excess Weight?

Weight loss. The biggest and most widely focused on area in society and life.  Billions of dollars are spent annually on diet programs, pills and fitness.  However with so much available to us, it still seems to be a disappointment for many.  With all of the knowledge, resources and programs available why does success seem so difficult?

It appears that weight loss appears to be extremely complex for some.  To achieve your goals you need to first find out where you fall in this weight loss journey.  Weight loss definitely has not been a one size fits all approach. Weight loss is a term that really should be about “Letting Go” or to “Releasing,” your weight.  When we lose something Ie. keys, wallet etc.. we want to find it.  With weight are you really looking to find it again?  I would ganter to say not so much and that’s where the release or let go of your weight comes in.  Change your vocabulary to strongly support your new journey is extremely important.  “I want to release my weight or let go of my weight,” not “Lose weight.”

We have created a weight release protocol based on your feedback and experiences. It is really all about: letting go, identifying the underlying issues that weight plays in your life, what need or need(s) are being met and for some it’s just the math (pure calories in versus calories out).  In theory there are two camps.  Identifying your camp, you will be able to see where you are and how to get where you desire.

By understanding YOU, you can release control and let the new driver, your BODY take over.. not your mind!

Camp 1 is the math group.  Weight loss is all about food and quantity.  These indivuals enjoy food and are typically over eaters and snackers.  When their stomach point is activated they experience the benefits of quick and easy weight loss.  By listening to their bodies, acting on what they are feeling and hearing the signals the stomach sends changes to them for their diet and releasing weight is pretty easy and effortless.  Letting go of weight by listening to your body.

Camp 2 experiences high levels of body identity and judgement issues.  This group has spent countless energies on diets, calorie counting, calorie restricting and deprivation, weight loss programs (which they may have succeeded however, have gained the loss back plus more) and endless hours of excessive exercise.  This group is really feeling frustrated from the complication experienced on their weight release journey.  They experience calmness and improved body identity through activating the stomach point and may not immediately notice any loud body signals to make changes. However, the stomach may not be the underlying cause of their weight issues.  This groups journey has been somewhat slower however, success can be achieved through the nurture and nourish protocal.  Letting go of the focus, control and identifying the underlying causes of their weight journey.  This group needs to increase their awareness, nuture their bodies and look at food as energy and fuel for their body while continuing to walk forward on their journey.  By practicing nurture and nourish, patience and letting go of the outcome successful weight loss can be achieved.  This group has spent forever in their heads and needs to get back into their body.

No matter where you fall we really ask you to think about and adopt the following in your life?

Am I listening to my body?  Am I nurturing or nourishing my body with fuel that will create the optimal energy for my life?  Am I drinking 8-12 glasses of fresh water daily?  Am I ready to let go of my weight?  Am I really working with and listening to my body & it’s needs to live the life I desire? If yes to the questions above, you are heading into the journey of a successful letting go of weight protocal.  Attract letting go of weight by releasing the control and hold you’ve had until now.  Let it go and literally it will go!

Let’s make 2010 the year to feel the best you EVER!

~ by yourdynamictransformation on May 6, 2010.

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